Treasure Hunter

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Gib den Code genau so ein, wie du ihn siehst; Groß- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht unterschieden.
Gib den Code genau so ein, wie du ihn siehst; Groß- und Kleinschreibung wird nicht unterschieden.
hahahaha bliing. daumen. dead.. zungee hmm- peitsche. /finger /nase /dark /haha =) /oohh /switzen /???? /g /love /hä /nein /oooomg /*.* /sad /swt! /!!! /musik /zzz /...! /stfu /bling1 /waah! /ugly /vogel /0.0 /xDD /sob /blush :sigh /twnk /! /money /kis2 /oki /cool /hungry /sexy /shy /sleepy /stare /... /bling /gg /stare2 /go /heh /hmm /ho /ic /Kis /no1 /otl /ok /omg /pif /sigh /sry /swt /^^" /thx /spin

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Treasure Hunter

Beitrag von *Fleure* » 25. Nov 2010, 16:38

Treasure Hunter


Tired of losing market shares to the Cool Event Corp, the Kafra Corporation has decided to hit hard! In order to seduce adventurers and take the advantage over its competitor, the company has spent the last months developing a great treasure hunt, whose rewards had to be “amazing”, according to the last press release from its CEO.

After many adjustments, it is now time to launch the event! Two Kafra Corporation staff members will be waiting for you next to the Prontera fountain to explain the competition rules to the players willing to join the event!

According to the same press release, participants will struggle to be the first to collect items, in order to win the points they will be able to trade for rewards. During each round, the first player to bring the quest items will be granted 2 points. Latecomers will come back empty-handed. You will then have to wait an hour before a new quest starts!

An announcement will be made at the beginning of every quest, so stay tuned!

Besides, a few other information seem to have been leaked from inside the corporation… You should be careful with them as there is no real proof, but people carrying a special ticket would be granted some particular treatment… Details are unknown though : are we talking about bonus points, confidential information or hidden rewards…? You should probably ask concerned people.

Meet the Kafra Corporation Staff until December, 9th, close to the Prontera fountain, and join the competition!

Clue: The purchase of a Festival Ticket is not mandatory in order to join the event !

Bild Festival Ticket:
A ticket for the Kafra Corp's event.
Can't be traded or stored
Weight : 0

The Ragnarök Online Team,
Gravity Europe

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