New Year Bonus

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New Year Bonus

Beitragvon *Fleure* » 6. Jan 2011, 14:16



To be honest, we certainly didn’t expect such an incredible craze for this event! Slowly but surely, you spread the word, climbed the steps towards the XP Bonus and eventually reached a level never seen before – at least, you did really deserve your new year gift!

At the end of the event, the number of “Likes” on our Facebook page’s news was estimated to 554, hence a total of +110% XP Bonus… However, it looks like some people tried to trick us by creating new profiles for the sole purpose of increasing the count…. Perhaps they did not trust the community enough in working together for the server benefit?...

As a result, we have decided to decrease the total count so that it matches better your implication! From January 6th to 13th, a +100% XP bonus will be applied to the server! Still not bad, huh?

We thank you for your participation and wish you a great leveling week!

The Ragnarök Online Team,
Gravity Europe

Re: New Year Bonus

Beitragvon Shiver » 6. Jan 2011, 15:35

nu können wir nerden bis der arzt kommt *_*

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